Your vision,



brought to life

through one

creative lens


Want a Broadway star to sing a rendition of your favorite 2 Chainz song? Done. Dreaming of a flash mob in the middle of Times Square to celebrate a big corporate win? On it. Wish there were a way for your wife’s favorite performer to serenade her with a love song on your anniversary? We’ll be there.  

see where we're going with this?

Our custom-tailored productions are unlike anything your guests have seen before—or will ever see again. 

this level of custom is
unheard of.

Hoping for an epic Happy Birthday performance, barbershop quartet style, to celebrate your grandma’s 90th birthday? Consider it handled. 


A Typical

Well, actually, there’s no such thing as a typical timeline. Depending on the size of your event, the type of talent you’re hoping to hire, and the grandeur of the production, our timelines vary from a matter of days to a matter of months. 

However, what we can tell you is this: no matter your timeline—we’ll make it happen. 


step one

Once you decide you’d like Monocle to help you enhance your kickass event, we’ll begin with an initial consultation. On this 60-minute call, we’ll discuss the size of your event, your guest list, and, most importantly, your dream vision.

We’ll talk through everything from how many performers you hope to have at your event, to song choice, to costume creation, and everything in between. Then, 5-7 days later, you’ll receive a custom proposal that synthesizes all of your ideas and desires through one singular lens—the Monocle way. 

Mary Page and the Monocle team will head back into their creative hole, and tap into production mode. During this time, they’ll be working hard to hire your talent, write music, choreograph dance numbers, hold rehearsals, design costumes—all the behind-the-scenes tasks that make your event exceptional.

We’ll check in with you periodically throughout this process, making sure to keep you in the loop.


step two


step thrEe

Now, for the fun part—the party! On the day of, we’ll arrive at the venue with plenty of time to rehearse, check our tech, and set the scene.

Then, your guests will arrive, we’ll dazzle them with an amazing custom performance, and you will be the talk of the town.


Monocle Productions exists to bring New York City’s most current, cutting-edge talent into the homes and venues of the individuals who love the performing arts, to put on a killer custom show.

Our only goal is to give you—and your guests—an experience unlike anything else. You in? 

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